Sunday, January 19, 2014

Overdue Update 01.19.2014

Long overdue update. 
249 lbs. 
Started Transform Nation on the 13th of January. 
Looking forward to the results. When I made it through four weeks of the system in the fall and I lost 8 inches off my body in just that short amount of time. I am looking forward to results. 
A lot of bloggers choose a word for the year: 
this is my year of faith.
 Faith in myself and my ability to be successful. I am not going to plan on blogging a lot or often. I will be writing in my personal journal by hand and will share things as I feel they need to be shared. In the boot camp we are weighing in every week. I will be posting my numbers and thoughts on that weekly. I do already know that my waist is about 4 inches smaller than it was last time. Anyway I am excited to see what happens. 
oh did I mention I signed up for a full year of Transform Nation....
each session is 3 months with about 3 to 4 weeks off in between.