Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pain in the Ass

I am a pain in my own ass!
Weight lost ticker is going in the wrong direction, heartburn has returned with a vengeance and I can't stop eating bad foods and drinking Dr. Pepper. I found out today from my gynecologist that all the crazy irregularities I've been experiencing the past few months are self inflicted. Forgetting to take my pill means my hormones go on a roller coaster ride causing my poly cystic ovarian syndrome to go crazy which causes pain and frustration. Drinking so much caffeine causes my breasts to swell to the point I can barely move and actually missed a day of work because it was so bad. I seriously thought he was going to say I needed to have them removed. I will be switching birth control methods so I won't have to remember to take a pill daily, I will just set an alarm on my phone once a month and there we go! 
He didn't give me much for the P.C.O.S pain issue. I know being on the constant birth control hormones is supposed to help with the pain and now that will be good to go. However, the only other solution is, of course, to lose weight. A friend and I went to check out the YMCA right down the road from my house today. Haven't decided if we want to join just yet. I think we should commit to walking or something for a few months before we put money into something. Neither of us has the money to spare right now for something we aren't going to use. I will be scheduling an appointment with an endocrinologist soon so I can find out what is going on with my thyroid that I found out was off over a year ago on routine blood labs. Hopefully I can take care of that next week. 
I feel as though I am yet again starting from square one after failing myself and my doctors again! I weighed 264 at the doctor office today. I never wanted to see myself over 260 again. I was down in the 230's last summer! I know it sounds crazy but HOW DID I GAIN OVER 30 POUNDS IN LESS THAN A YEAR???? 
Is enough enough yet???

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Update 02.11.2014

Update 02.11.2014

First things first; my opinion on the biggest loser winner. I think she did an amazing job and deserves her winnings.As far as her looking a bit over thin...yes, however I highly doubt she will be at 105lbs for very long. That's all I have to say about that. 
As far as my update...well I am no longer part of the boot camp that I joined. I am currently sitting at 255lbs. I am moving from my apartment in 11 days to my moms house. Once I am in my moms I will be developing my plan based off of the Body for Life program for work outs and meal plans. 
I will be coinciding a new financial plan to hopefully do both in tandem. 
Need to get back to drinking water more regularly and not eating tacos every morning for breakfast. 
I really do want to be successful in weight loss and be healthy. I know for that each year I continue to be overweight can cause major medical issues and shorten my lifespan. I know what is required of me to make it happen. 
Here's to making it happen!
Getting back to my year of FAITH

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Overdue Update 01.19.2014

Long overdue update. 
249 lbs. 
Started Transform Nation on the 13th of January. 
Looking forward to the results. When I made it through four weeks of the system in the fall and I lost 8 inches off my body in just that short amount of time. I am looking forward to results. 
A lot of bloggers choose a word for the year: 
this is my year of faith.
 Faith in myself and my ability to be successful. I am not going to plan on blogging a lot or often. I will be writing in my personal journal by hand and will share things as I feel they need to be shared. In the boot camp we are weighing in every week. I will be posting my numbers and thoughts on that weekly. I do already know that my waist is about 4 inches smaller than it was last time. Anyway I am excited to see what happens. 
oh did I mention I signed up for a full year of Transform Nation....
each session is 3 months with about 3 to 4 weeks off in between.