Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 24


This year for the first time in a long time I've decided to participate in lent. I've decided to give up social media. 
...jury is still out on rather that was a rational decision. 
Forty six days without Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 
I'm pretty much addicted to Facebook and Pinterest. This shall be an interesting journey. 
Healthy living journey has been a bit rocky since starting my new job. I'm eating breakfast out almost everyday and most lunches aren't that healthy. I'm also back to drinking a few cans of Dr Pepper a day; even though I'm keeping up with my water intake I know it's a bad thing to be having that much soda everyday. I'm trying to regroup and get back on track with going to bed at a decent hour so I can wake up on time and get in some movement and a healthier breakfast at home before work. My work schedule hours are anywhere from 7am to 7pm Monday thru Friday and 830am to 4pm Saturday. I'm trying to get in the habit of being in bed by 930 everyday so I can get up by 5am everyday, even my days off. I have to leave my house about an hour before work everyday. Really on the days I work at 7am I should be getting up by 430am but that's just too early for me. 
I am really hoping that giving up the social media will help me with time management. Usually the first thing I do anytime I pick up my phone or get on my laptop is to get on Facebook. I can't imagine how much time I'll actually be saving myself. 
Here's to the next 45 days. Day 1 down.