Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time to get SERIOUS!!!

Hello all, Thanksgiving is over and I am ready to get back on track with working out and losing weight. I am also ready to begin training for the 5K in February. I am still very excited about everything I am planning to accomplish. I have drawn up my loss/reward page I am working on the Poster Board. Once I finish the poster board I will take a pic and post it on here for all too see. I am looking forward to my rewards. I am also compiling a list of non scale goals that I will be posting on here as well. I am getting ready to post up some very scary, honest "before" pictures of me. I have to work up the courage to post them. Now I will post my plan for this week and on Sunday I will repost it and somehow mark if I accomplished it or not. I am starting my week with the best intentions and hope of accomplishing everything on this weeks plan.

November 29-December 5 Workout Plan
Monday- Zumba, Run 1 Mile, and ABS
Tuesday- Strength Training Upper Body and Run 1 Mile
Wednesday- Zumba, Run 1 Mile, and ABS
Thursday- Strength Training Lower Body and Run 1 Mile
Friday- Zumba, Run 1 Mile, and ABS
Saturday- Strength Training Upper Body and Run 1 Mile
Sunday- REST!
Best wishes to all my fellow weight loss journey walkers, runners and Zumba-ers!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Weigh in Week 9!

I am up 0.5lb this week. Not surprising since it was Thanksgiving. However I did very well with not overeating at dinner. It was a nice meal with great family and fun. We went for a walk after lunch and we saw some alpacas. They were fun and cute. I named the brown one Brownie for the 10 minutes we were!
I was going to put a picture of
the alpacas here but I don't
know how to get them from
my Blackberry to here. Sorry

Well anyway off to a bday party!!! Ttyl!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Everyday is a NEW day...every week is a NEW week!!!

I have come to the realization that no matter how hard I try at something there will be times when I fail. And when those failures come I must remind myself that tomorrow is a new day and I can try again to be successful at changing my lifestyle. And if, like last week, I fail the entire week, then I must also remind myself that next week is a new week to start over.
This weekend was fun and I went out dancing with friends for my girl Kelly's birthday. It was a lot of fun, it was also a total fail at calories and food. This week is Thanksgiving and I am determined to have a loss on the scale this Friday. If this happens it will be a first. I usually gain during Thanksgiving so hopefully I can get my booty into the gym everyday this week and kick holiday poundage out the window!
My plan is to go to Zumba class MWF and do Jillian Michaels on TR. I also will be attempting to run a mile on the days I attend Zumba. I will let ya'll know how that works out tomorrow...we shall see. Well its off to bed early for me so I can get up early cus everybody knows the early bird gets the worm so maybe the early chubby becomes the early healthy skinny chic?? Yes I know that was corny but hopefully somebody gets a laugh out of it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Weigh In Week 8!

I am up 1.5lbs which is not too bad since its TOM this week! I have not done very good on exercising this week. I have to find a way to motivate myself to get up in the morning and go to the gym. I really want to start training for the 5K run I want to do in February of next year. I need to get this going. I am making a poster board to put on my wall for my progress and rewards. When I get it finished I will post a picture of it. I am ready for success! Last night before bed I wrote down my to do list for today and at the bottom I wrote "Focus on your goals and what you want to accomplish! Accept yourself and love who you are no matter what!"
I really do need to take my own advice and FOCUS on my long-term goals!
That's all for now,

Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 7 Weigh In!!!

I am so happy with this weeks weigh in!!! I am down 3.5lbs!!!!!! WOO HOO! This weeks exercise has been up. Tuesday I did 30 minutes on the treadmill. I chose the Weight-loss workout option. It took the incline from flat all the way to 8 and I had the speed at 2.5 to 2.7 walking speed. I burned 278 calories that day. Wednesday I did an hour Zumba class, which was so much fun!!! Thursday I walked the mall for 1 hour.
I am also happy to announce that I will be RUNNING my first 5K on February 12Th, 2011. It is the Cupid's Chase 5K Race for People with Disabilities. I am planning to unofficially start training now by running 1 mile a day until December. In December I will start an 8 week training program. I am very excited!
From this point on I am planning to do my already scheduled workout plus 1 mile running everyday except Sundays. Sundays will be my official rest day. I have also purchased a new spiral notebook to use as my food journal. I am very excited about all of this! Mostly excited about being under 250lbs!!!! Plan on keeping it that way!
Truly Ecstatic,

Monday, November 8, 2010

weigh on

weighed in this morning +1.5lbs. i expected this with my weekend and last weeks fail at working out.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rejuvenating Weekend

Hello Readers,
I spent the weekend in Comfort and Fredicksburg Texas. My Daddy lives up there. I went for a visit with my son. It was a wonderful, busy, but somehow relaxing weekend. Friday evening I got there and they (my dad and step mom) had made us a special dinner of fried venison steak, creamed peas, fresh green beans, and mashed potatoes. It was a delicious dinner and I enjoyed every bite. You can't find food like that in the city. We woke up Saturday morning about 9 am and traveled from Comfort to Fredicksburg where my great Aunt and Uncle live on beautiful Texas Hill Country land. I can't find silence like and beauty like that anywhere else. My Aunt made lunch and it was delicious. We had baked Goulash with tater-tots on top with green beans and corn bread and chocolate pudding or ice cream for dessert. I indulged in a little ice cream with chocolate syrup. This weekend was the first weekend of hunting season which in our family means campfires in the evening. We went to the shooting range where the campfires take place. I am very happy to say that my son loved it just like I did as a kid. I will say that calorie wise I probably over indulged considering the beer, pork loin, potato salad and french fries that were served but oh well it was a wonderful evening enjoyed by all. My poor baby got all tuckered out and fell asleep on me, which was wonderful for me because he has not done that since he was 6 months old. I absolutely love the country! Someday I hope to move there and have horses, cows, chickens, goats, sheep and any other farm animal available lol! The peace and quiet that one finds there is....amazing, almost indescribable!
I missed the weigh in on Friday. I am planning on weighing in Monday morning. Hopefully it will still count, I am not sure.
Also I went shopping on Friday before I left town and I am excited to announce that I am officially a size 16W/18w depending on store/style! I was a 22W so I am very happy with this victory. Very soon I will no longer be shopping at plus size stores. I am having a love/hate relationship with this idea. I have been shopping at Lane Bryant (my main plus size store) for a few years now. I absolutely love the fashion and clothes that they offer, I hope I can find the same type of fashion elsewhere. Part of it is that once I am smaller than the size that they offer which is a 14W, I am nervous of shopping in other stores because I have become so used to going to one store! For this week I am hoping to make it to Zumba on Monday and Friday, possibly Wednesday. On Tuesday and Thursday I am planning on doing Jillian's 30 day shred. My focus for the week is re-hydrating, because I did not drink *any* water this weekend. I actually drank maybe 12 oz of water but that is pretty much nothing when you should be drinking 125oz of water a day.
Anyway it was a very quiet relaxing weekend. I loved it and I can't wait to do it again.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

ugh weigh in tomorrow...

so this week was a total fail for me. i am not looking forward to the weigh in tomorrow morning.
this week has been a roller coaster of emotions.
but alas the weigh in must come round. so ill see ya in the morning.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Annoyed & other things

I am so annoyed with life right now. I am just so frustrated with this journey called life right now. And when I get stressed out like this I eat crappy food and drink a lot of soda its bad and it doesnt help my goal of losing weight. and i know that working out would help very much with my frustration but for some reason im not doing it. Im not getting off my big booty and just doing it. I just want to cry because I dont know what to do. I am going to my dads this weekend in the texas hill country to clear my head. Hopefully ill come back with some answers and a clear mind.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monthly Weigh In

It is time for my first monthly weigh in since I did my official weigh in on Oct 1.
My weight Nov 1, 2010 is 250.5lbs so I have lost 2.5lbs in one month. I am happy it is a loss however I am ready to move forward and lose more this month. AND yes I do realize that Thanksgiving is coming up this month but thats ok. I have never been a big overeater on holidays.
Hopefully I can enjoy the food and keep up with exercise throughout the month and holidays. I am really hoping I can be in a size 14 by Christmas. I only have two sizes to go to get there. I am constantly keeping tabs on what I am putting in my mouth, even if I am putting something "bad" or unhealthy in my mouth I think about what it will do to my body and how it will fuel me. Just like today I was eating M&Ms and thinking I know this is sugar and fat and has no nutritional value to my health. So I am beginning to see if I change the way I think about the way the things I am eating affects my body and how efficiently it runs I will begin to choose healthy options like strawberries or apples with peanut butter! Oh and I found a cranberry granola that I actually like. Have to get some soon! Ok thats all for now.