Monday, November 1, 2010

Monthly Weigh In

It is time for my first monthly weigh in since I did my official weigh in on Oct 1.
My weight Nov 1, 2010 is 250.5lbs so I have lost 2.5lbs in one month. I am happy it is a loss however I am ready to move forward and lose more this month. AND yes I do realize that Thanksgiving is coming up this month but thats ok. I have never been a big overeater on holidays.
Hopefully I can enjoy the food and keep up with exercise throughout the month and holidays. I am really hoping I can be in a size 14 by Christmas. I only have two sizes to go to get there. I am constantly keeping tabs on what I am putting in my mouth, even if I am putting something "bad" or unhealthy in my mouth I think about what it will do to my body and how it will fuel me. Just like today I was eating M&Ms and thinking I know this is sugar and fat and has no nutritional value to my health. So I am beginning to see if I change the way I think about the way the things I am eating affects my body and how efficiently it runs I will begin to choose healthy options like strawberries or apples with peanut butter! Oh and I found a cranberry granola that I actually like. Have to get some soon! Ok thats all for now.

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