Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time to get SERIOUS!!!

Hello all, Thanksgiving is over and I am ready to get back on track with working out and losing weight. I am also ready to begin training for the 5K in February. I am still very excited about everything I am planning to accomplish. I have drawn up my loss/reward page I am working on the Poster Board. Once I finish the poster board I will take a pic and post it on here for all too see. I am looking forward to my rewards. I am also compiling a list of non scale goals that I will be posting on here as well. I am getting ready to post up some very scary, honest "before" pictures of me. I have to work up the courage to post them. Now I will post my plan for this week and on Sunday I will repost it and somehow mark if I accomplished it or not. I am starting my week with the best intentions and hope of accomplishing everything on this weeks plan.

November 29-December 5 Workout Plan
Monday- Zumba, Run 1 Mile, and ABS
Tuesday- Strength Training Upper Body and Run 1 Mile
Wednesday- Zumba, Run 1 Mile, and ABS
Thursday- Strength Training Lower Body and Run 1 Mile
Friday- Zumba, Run 1 Mile, and ABS
Saturday- Strength Training Upper Body and Run 1 Mile
Sunday- REST!
Best wishes to all my fellow weight loss journey walkers, runners and Zumba-ers!!!


  1. It sounds like you have a good plan. I will be following you so I'll be back! Take care.