Saturday, December 8, 2012

Enjoying My Job!

Hey everybody! Hope ya'll are good! I am feeling better the past few days. I have been able to make it to work all 3 days and stay the whole shift. I finally figured out my pain meds and have been able to keep the pain under control. The meds combined with a "rice sock" heating pad I am feeling much better. I still can't exercise but I'm doing good on my eating and I am 2 weeks soda free! Will be 3 weeks on Monday the 10th. I am so happy I have decided to quit drinking sodas all together. Dr. Pepper was my poison of choice! I feel so much better. The only thing I don't understand, and yes TMI is coming up, now that I pretty much drink water exclusively except occasional glass of milk, I seem to be dealing with a case constipation that doesn't make any sense to me. I thought with all the water and eating healthy that wouldn't be an issue...if anything I would be more "normal" or "regular". Any advice?
I am really enjoying my job. This is the first full time job I have ever had and this is also the longest I've stayed at a job in a long time. I have no desire to leave this job and I like what I do. I get to train someone that they just hired starting next Tuesday! I am so excited! I can't believe I've only been there a couple months and I am already getting to train someone! Anyway, all is looking well here nothing much to report except that I am loving life right now!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I have been restricted from any form of exercise that could cause my cyst to twist over on itself and stop blood flow to my ovary. I wouldn't be able to do much considering the pain I am in.
I am doing everything I can to stay on track eating wise and hydrating. 
My doctor prescribed birth control for 2 months to shrink the cyst by stopping the ovulation process. That or it will burst, I kind of hope it will burst so the pain will go away. I have never been in such pain. I went to work today and only made it 4 and half hours and that's with 800mg of ibuprofen. Nothing is comfortable, sitting, standing walking even laying down isn't comfortable. I don't know how people who have pain constantly do it! Highest respect for ya'll! Finally get my head on straight with eating and wanting to exercising and now I'm side lined by a cyst! Well, here's hoping it's over soon!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

ER Visit Anyone???

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my last post. I am so happy to have such encouraging people reading and commenting on my blog.
As I mentioned in the previous post I was quitting soda. I have been a week without soda and it's been great. I had a horrible headache Tuesday and Wednesday but I got over the 3 day hump and all is well.
To explain the title of today's post.  I woke up Monday morning with dull low back pain on the left side of my back. This pain kept up through out the week. I only made it to work for 5 and half hours on Tuesday I couldn't keep comfortable in any position, sitting, standing or laying down it didn't matter I just uncomfortable and hurting. The pain wasn't excruciating it was just there, annoyingly so. Finally on Friday after calling in to work for the 3rd time in a week I took the trip to the emergency room. Well after 12 hours there, they found a 6cm cyst on my left ovary. I was prescribed pain meds and told to follow up with my gynecologist to resolve the issue. The ER doctors are only concerned if the cyst twist since it's so big it does run the risk of that. I am being careful with what I do for exercise since I don't want to cause it to twist. The Dr at the er told me that if it does twist I will know because the pain will be excruciating. I won't have to wonder if maybe that was what he was talking about. 
This week went well with the no soda thing and I am so happy to finally be off them for good. I have absolutely no intentions of returning to drinking them. I know they were/are bad for me. Also, I now know that caffeine is a natural pain killer and it makes me wonder if I had stopped drinking all the damn soda sooner would I have been able to catch the cyst at 2 or 3 cm instead of 6? 
Skinny Snowman Challenge update:
My first weeks points total: 130 of 450 possible points. 
I am really enjoying the challenge, I love the points system and the charts. 
This morning I woke up to a 5lb loss! I am shocked at this considering they gave me an IV bag of fluids at the ER and I got my monthly gift yesterday. Those sodas sure do wreak havoc on everything! I know I could have dropped more pounds this week if I had been able to do the walking or any form of exercise. 
December Goals:
1. Follow up with dr about the cyst to resolve it.
2. Walk 30 minutes Daily
3. Continue No Soda 
4. Incorporate Meatless Mondays 
5. Lose 15lbs (I've already lost 5 and I want to actually lose 10 in the month of Dec)
Thanks for reading!
p.s. i found out i like cantaloupe!