Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I have been restricted from any form of exercise that could cause my cyst to twist over on itself and stop blood flow to my ovary. I wouldn't be able to do much considering the pain I am in.
I am doing everything I can to stay on track eating wise and hydrating. 
My doctor prescribed birth control for 2 months to shrink the cyst by stopping the ovulation process. That or it will burst, I kind of hope it will burst so the pain will go away. I have never been in such pain. I went to work today and only made it 4 and half hours and that's with 800mg of ibuprofen. Nothing is comfortable, sitting, standing walking even laying down isn't comfortable. I don't know how people who have pain constantly do it! Highest respect for ya'll! Finally get my head on straight with eating and wanting to exercising and now I'm side lined by a cyst! Well, here's hoping it's over soon!

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  1. I hope the pain gets better!! Sounds like no fun whatsoever!!! *hugs*