Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Update 02.11.2014

Update 02.11.2014

First things first; my opinion on the biggest loser winner. I think she did an amazing job and deserves her winnings.As far as her looking a bit over thin...yes, however I highly doubt she will be at 105lbs for very long. That's all I have to say about that. 
As far as my update...well I am no longer part of the boot camp that I joined. I am currently sitting at 255lbs. I am moving from my apartment in 11 days to my moms house. Once I am in my moms I will be developing my plan based off of the Body for Life program for work outs and meal plans. 
I will be coinciding a new financial plan to hopefully do both in tandem. 
Need to get back to drinking water more regularly and not eating tacos every morning for breakfast. 
I really do want to be successful in weight loss and be healthy. I know for that each year I continue to be overweight can cause major medical issues and shorten my lifespan. I know what is required of me to make it happen. 
Here's to making it happen!
Getting back to my year of FAITH

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