Sunday, July 7, 2013

Damage I've Done


I am 26 years old body is 42 years old because of years of obesity and neglect. My health insurance offers a free health assessment online. When I completed the assessment it told me I am actually 42 years old because of my own lifestyle. That sucks....
I can't believe that just because of what I eat and don't do as far as exercise makes me only 8 years younger than my own my mother actually is. 
Recently I've seen two pictures of myself that just make me want to scream. I am still sitting at 240lbs. It just seems like my body is bigger than it was. 
FORTY time I take the assessment I want it to be younger than my actual age. I need to cut 100 lbs off my body and 16 years off my "age". 
I want the left side...determination and hard work are needed.
Strength over time equals power.

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  1. can be reversed. I am pushing 44 (one week to go) and I can run circles around people half my age...and I didn't get started until I was 38 years old. SO GET ON IT.