Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Feels good to be on track!!!

So I am very excited to report that I did make it to the gym last Thursday morning! It was amazing!!! I forgot how much of a high it gives me when I workout in the morning. I was also in disbelief at how long that high lasted! My hubby and I left the gym at about 10am and I was still riding high well into the 5pm hour!!! The weekend kind of got away from me with the exercise, I still did pretty well with the eating and drinking water. Saturday my church had its 18th annual mother daughter banquet. It was awesome! I have officially made Sundays my day off from working out so I did not make it to the gym. Monday, my hubby and I did go to the gym after he got of work around 10pm. We did upper body weights. (I'd rather do cardio!) Today we did not go to the gym but we still got a work out. We rearranged our office/living room. We moved desks, a couch, tv all the normal office/living room stuff. My arms are so sore. So tomorrow we plan on hitting the gym in the morning for some intense cardio! I am just still ecstatic that I am still so pumped about exercise and going to the gym! Now all I need is to start working on my TAN! Oh and something else NEW: I'm eating eggs! Until recently I hated the taste of eggs, but needed protein for breakfast so I have been eating them and I am beginning to become fond of them. It will take time and discipline but I am COMMITTED to this new lifestyle of eating healthy and exercising!!!!

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