Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boot Camp Bikini Body DVD!

Hello All,
Today I did the 10 minute cardio wake up call portion of the Boot Camp Bikini Body DVD.
It's pretty good. It had me sweating and winded by the end of ten minutes.
Tomorrow I am going to do the cardio portion and the lower body portion for a total of 20 minutes work out time. Thursday will be the full 30 minute DVD. 
After Thursday I will rotate BCBB, 30 Day shred, and a Kettlebell DVD that I have.
I also want to be walking during the day with the baby so he can get some sunshine too.
There is a park a good distance away...I'll measure it later and let you know how far but if we walk there and back and he plays for a good 20 or so minutes that should be a good amount of exercise for the both of us. Anyway, I feel really about this this time around. I am really excited and am so excited to be going the beach next month.


  1. Is the DVD you speak of the Gold's Gym version? I love the 30 Day Shred, too. I'm addicted to it! I haven't found another workout dvd that I've enjoyed half as much as that one. The only one that comes close is one of my Crunch DVD's. This one, in fact: http://www.amazon.com/Crunch-Belly-Butt-Thighs-Bootcamp/dp/B000S1MM8E. Check it out! I got it dirt cheap. I think I paid 3.99 for it. Love it to pieces :)

    Do you like kettlebell? I have been considering trying out the Jillian Kettlebell dvd but I haven't heard too much about it. Which DVD do you use?

  2. Way to go sounds like you are all set up. Keep us posted!

  3. @Jessica: yes the Boot Camp Bikini Body is the Gold's Gym version. I enjoy using kettleballs however I haven't used the DVD that came with my set yet.
    Thanks MissHaneefa!

  4. Sounds like a good morning workout :D I am going to try to find it. Have a nice weekend!