Thursday, August 25, 2011

Right classroom...wrong time!

Fall 2011
has started!

I have started classes for Fall. I am taking Math 0303 and English 1302. I am very happy with my English teacher, she is so very sweet. My math teacher is nice however, she teaches SUPER fast!!! I will have to be very disciplined and organized to keep up with her.
So about the title of this, I am so definitely a BLOND;
Tuesday was the first day of class and I made the brilliant decision to NOT print my schedule and just put the room number and class in a memo on my phone. Well, I forgot to put the times in my phone. After traffic and having to walk FOREVER to get to the building I had gone to the right classroom but at the wrong time! I felt so dumb! 
Anyway finally made it to math and had a great day!
Realized I will need to take a snack for in between classes, almost fell asleep my first day in English. I also have new goals for this semester, by the end of this Fall semester I want to achieve:
1. take all 3 flights of stairs without being winded 
2. not feel like my tummy sits on the desk while I take notes
3. be under 200lbs!
Three simple very achievable goals for this semester!
I am very excited!
Dedication and discipline is my mantra for this semester!

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