Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend and New Commitment!

This labor day weekend I am renewing my commitment to live a healthy lifestyle and to lose weight. I need to lose about 150 pounds to be healthy. My first goal may seem somewhat extreme, however, I will have smaller goals to keep me on track. 
First Goal: Lose 50 pounds by December 31, 2011
This renewed commitment has all started with the beginning of the No Soda September Challenge. The challenge is being hosted by Mike at Starting At 500 Pounds. I also must admit that all this is also due to Mary at asmallloss and her being back on track! It all inspires me so much! I can't wait to be down 50lbs!!! 
My first official day on the no soda's will be September 3rd. I finished off the two Dr. Peppers we had in the fridge on September 1st then, I broke down on the 2nd and purchased one from a machine. 
My daily routine will (hopefully) go as follows:
Wake up: 6am
Workout Complete: 6:40am
Shower/Breakfast Complete: 8am
Be at school: 830am
My smaller goals will be in ten pound increments! I am so excited!!!
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