Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 1/30 Days Blogging Challenge

Day 1 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge asks for a recent picture and 15 facts about myself.

Taken August 26th, 2011 after my MAC makeover!

15 Facts about ME!!!
1. I am 24 years old.
2. I wanted 7 children...until I had ONE!
3. I have a tattoo.
4. I feel like I can succeed if I  would just apply myself.
5. I am scared of success...and I'm not sure why.
6. I am an only child.
7. I am always asked if Rusti is my real name, yes it is!
8. I have only been out of Texas twice in my life.
9. I went to and graduated from the same high school as my mom, aunt and uncle. My mom was class of 1981 and I was class of 2005, GO BUFFS!!!
10. I was on dance team until I broke my foot for the 2nd time.
11. I have broken the same foot 3 times in my life. 
12. I love wacky haircuts/styles/highlights but I never have them done to myself.
13. I love hunting but don't hunt.
14. I am allergic to bunnies.
15. I fear I will not be able to provide everything I want for my son.
That's Day 1. I didn't even know some of these things.


  1. number 4 and 5 are facts about me as well...I could do (and be) so much more if I would just apply myself. And success frightens me-not sure why-sometimes I think because I don't deserve it (which isn't true) or that I will have to continue to be "that successful". Weird. have a great weekend

  2. I really like the new picture :)