Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Triple Dog Dare Challenge!

Hello everybody,
I joined the Triple Dog Dare Challenge hosted by Allan. I've stumbled around getting on plan these first 3 days. The most difficult part has been getting in the fluids. I am supposed to drink 118 ounces of fluids a day. The challenge does not specify water however, I am for at least half of that to be water. I also now know that when we get the next menu I will be grocery shopping from that menu for everybody in the house, not just myself. 
This week we had already been to the store for the regular shopping trip and then after I received the menu for me I went back and spent another $100 on stuff just for the challenge. Hopefully, the budget for groceries will be balanced by purchasing less of everything else and everyone will get healthier by eating on plan. 
I am beginning to get my "sea legs" so to speak. I just need to get moving with the exercise part of the challenge now. 

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