Monday, September 19, 2011

Fire Up For Fall Week 1!

1. What are your goals for the Fall Challenge? (List your 5 or more goals)
  1. Workout 4 times a week.
2. Journal food, workouts and weigh ins. Weigh ins will be once a week.
3. Stay on course with our budget.
4. Cash ONLY!
5. Become an ex soda drinker.
2. Why have you chosen those goals?
I have chose these goals because I need to get back to working out and journal-ing my food. My husband and I have been doing relatively well sticking to our budget and using cash only, we just need to continue doing so. Number 5 is about becoming un-addicted to caffeine and sugar, specifically in soda form. When I was pregnant with our son I wrote down everything I ate and kept a log of my glucose levels while I had gestational diabetes. It kept me accountable to the diet that was prescribed and kept me from gaining to much weight. 
 3. What have you done this week that's made you feel fabulous? {this will be
  asked weekly so make sure you do something!!}
  Started reading The Help and made a 90 on my math test at school.
4. What do you think will be your biggest challenge in reaching your goals?
  Finding my motivation to work out and log everything.
5. Fun Question! Where in  the World do you live? What's amazing about it?
I live in San Antonio, Texas. I think the diversity and culture is amazing. 


  1. Everythings better in Texas! Good luck with the soda, I quit diet coke for nearly 3 weeks and I've slipped recently.

  2. It is Tuesday...Hope you are getting in some great workouts this week :)

  3. Cash only is such a good goal! I am working on some financial goals too, and going to cash for groceries, entertainment, etc. has helped me stop over-spending in those categories.

    Good luck!