Sunday, November 25, 2012

Please send Encouragement!

 I would appreciate some encouragement from my blogger friends! I've been having some motivational issues since the miscarriage in October and I've put on about 15lbs. Not exactly where I wanted to be right now this year. I wanted to be running 5k's and under 200lbs. I'm frustrated and annoyed with myself. help!!
I would also like to add somewhat of a disclaimer:
I DO NOT want to be a bull shit blogger that only claims to "want" to lose weight and never does anything to achieve that notion. I know I've been that person since I started this blog so I am no longer going to be that person. If I'm not truly 100% into eating healthy and exercising, walking the walk, not just talking the talk, I WILL NOT POST. I will not whine or complain. I am an able bodied 25 year old with no medical conditions and no handicaps there is no reason why I can not take control of my life and refuse myself "treats" and sodas so that I can be around for many many many years to come! All the crap fake foods that we, as a nation, eat on a daily basis should probably be outlawed and I intend to outlaw them for myself. No more crappy McDonald's, Taco Bell, Whataburger...etc etc etc the list goes on. I want whole, healthy, natural foods to be my family's first choice. It shouldn't be complicated. 
DENY myself all the shitty foods and eat WHOLE, NATURAL food.
It starts now.
No soda.
It's not good for me anyway!
No eating out.
Natural whole foods and water only!
Walking 20 minutes minimum everyday!



  2. Cheering you on from my piece of Michigan!

  3. GREAT attitude & great plan, Rusti! :)

  4. The longer you stay away from "treats" and places with a drive thru... the less those things look like treats and more like a stomach ache. Giving up soda is a great step. Giving up refined sugar and flour will change your life :o)

  5. Steering clear of trigger foods is key-IMO. If you are on the slippery slope, do blog. Ask for what works for others, then put together what works for you. Good luck.

  6. There is nothing better than actually doing i and watching the results coming at you as you drop the pounds. Cheering from Florida.

  7. YOu have the greatest attitude!

  8. You can do this, girl! I always say, I can't eat it if I don't buy it. It's easier said than done at first, but the results speak for themselves. Cheering for you, always. ♥

  9. I heard this in a clinic talk last night. The speaker was talking about injury prevention and training for runs. "You are only as good as your next healthy meal". Truer words have never been spooken:) Your attitiude and solid plan will bring you sucess! Good luck to you!

  10. Good luck, remember take one day at a time and maybe look at Whole 30 if you want to eat natural. It really changed my whole eating habits and I'll be doing it again in January if you want to join me :)

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