Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day Ten

big news

Shortly after my last post I got some very good news...
I got a job! I had been unemployed since early December and am so elated to be employed again.
From the outside looking in it may seem that I haven't done much towards my goals since my last post 12 days ago. In my opinion, which is why I am not starting my day count over,I have made some progress. I have only eaten out a few times which is pretty good over 12 days considering that used to be a daily event for myself. I've been eating healthier and drinking a ton of water. My dogs are enjoying the walks that we are taking every day. They aren't incredibly long or strenuous but when we get home my thighs are tingling and I'm out of breath. They both go straight for the water bowl. In the past I would have considered this a failure and felt defeated. This time I'm just going to continue doing what I've been doing and adding small things in over time. I'm noticing differences in how my clothes fit and my thighs are a little thinner. It's always a little surprising how quickly I start to notice changes in my body just from drinking more water and making better choices. Now that I am going to have an almost set schedule with my new employment I will be able to get a solid schedule going for planned workouts. Also with my new schedule I should be able to do some meal planning that will help with taking my lunches. 
I did weigh last Friday and it only changed by 0.02 pounds so I don't think that's enough for a full post for such a small amount; although it was in the right direction! Hopefully this Friday will show more of change. 
I am excited with where I am at and where I'm going. 
Success is on the horizon... I just have to go get it!

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  1. OUTSTANDING! Every Change in weight in the correct Direction is a success. You are on the right track. I am so proud of all your achievements! Hitting plateaus is a reality...never let them bring you down. Use them as a challenge YOU can defeat! Mary E.