Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not Crazy

Hello Readers,
Well I have decided to not go completely crazy over my new plan. Instead of starting everything at once, I have decided to make small weekly changes. This first week is to increase my water intake which I have been doing pretty well on. I try to drink my beloved Dr. Pepper with my lunch and dinner, milk with breakfast and water any other time I am thirsty. I have noticed an increase in my energy level and ability to do more things in the day directly related to the amount of water I take in everyday. I have not yet begun to count the ounces or count bottles or glasses however I know for sure that I am drinking more water and less soda. This week something that has started to happen naturally for is that I am going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. Most days so far this week I have been in bed by 11pm except one night when I went to be at almost 2am. I hope that this cycle of sleep will continue and soon I hope to be going to bed by 10pm on most nights. I am thinking that next weeks change I will continue with water, sleep, and add on portion control in my meals. I know that my idea of a serving size is not the correct size. This week is a little emotional for me my son is turning ONE on Thursday March 4th. I am excited for his growth yet Im not really ready for him to grow up so fast. It feels like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with him and now he is ONE. Well to all my readers and fellow Healthy Lifestyle seekers, I send you encouragement and I BELIEVE in you.
~Rusti Ann


  1. Those are great doable changes!
    And important I might add. Good luck, I know you'll be successfull.

  2. Thank you Amy. I enjoy the encouragement!