Monday, December 27, 2010

My AWESOME Christmas LOOT!!!

San Antonio-20101227-00336.jpg

My Christmas was amazing this year. We had a blast visiting family and seeing everyone. My mother in law and aunt in law went-in on my gift together this year. They got me the Nike gym bag, the jump rope, the kettle-ball set and the pedometer from the picture above. My dad and step mom gave us each some money and that enabled me to buy the new running shoes and headphones. My husband bought me the black and pink workout jacket, its a susan g komen "Cure for Breast Cancer" one. I love it all!!! I am very excited to get all these things.
So onto how the eating went for Christmas. I will say I did "ok". I did pretty good with sitting down and only eating a small plate of food. What got me was when I helping cook in the kitchen, all the little bits and bites that found their way into my mouth... oops! Will do better next year. I had a lot of fun relaxing and enjoying the holiday back to the gym tomorrow!!!

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