Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week 10 Weigh In

Do Not Wait For The Ship To Come In, Swim To It

-2lbs this week. I am almost back under 250lbs, where I was before Thanksgiving. I can't wait to get there again. I would really like to be in the 230s by the 1st of 2011. My formal dress that I wore for our Christmas pictures was a bit snug. Not surprising considering the week I bought it I had been in the gym everyday and a 16 fit me well. Now I have to be careful with how I sit and its hard to breathe while wearing it. Hopefully by Christmas I will be back to comfortable in it.
Anyway this week I am hoping to do cardio everyday. I really need to start training for my 5K in February.
Any motivational tips or quotes would be appreciated.


  1. you will get there! Maybe it will help you to say to yourself you want to be comfortable in that dress. I hope the cardio goes well this week good luck and congrats on losing two lbs :D

  2. Thank yo Miss Haneefa and Shannie.