Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weekend Away!!!

Hello All,
This weekend my little family is taking off on a short road trip to see my Daddy. I will be offline for two glorious days. I have been longing for a trip somewhere that is technology free since about 3 weeks after we came back from the beach in July. I am looking forward to this weekend for numerous reasons.
I have packed up workout clothes, my ipod, and have every intention of taking advantage of the peaceful hill country scenery by taking walks/runs(more walking than running) as much as possible. We will only be there Friday evening, Saturday and early Sunday morning. We will be heading home about 930 on Sunday morning to make it to the second service at church. I am hoping to get a walk/run in on Friday evening and at least one on Saturday. I am also excited for this weekend because I will be taking some time to work on homework and studying without having to watch my son at the same time. My hubby has promised to take over the child for an amount of time (hopefully about 2 to 3 hours at a minimum) for me to work on my English paper that is essentially due next Tuesday(peer review) and is due to the teacher on Thursday. 
In general I'm just excited to see my Daddy and Betty since we haven't been to see them since June!!! Almost 4 months since we've seen each other. They are ecstatic and they were talking about all the food they want to make for us :( I am packing breakfast foods, snacks and some light lunch fare. I am not going to be completely rude by not eating any of the meals they cook. I will however be very careful about how much. I am taking fruits, yogurt, rice cakes, reduced fat peanut butter and corn flakes. I am hoping to fill up on my healthy stuff so that when dinner time comes around I won't be that hungry thus justifying a small meal. I am weighing in with Allan and the TDDChallenge tomorrow seeing as how I will not only be technology free but also scale free on Sunday. I have also packed my journal so that when I return on Sunday I can input my food and activity on myfitnesspal. I also plan to reflect and write down my thoughts and reasons and what I want out of weight loss and healthy living. I hope to come back refreshed, re-focused and with plenty of blog material!
I'll see ya'll Sunday!!!