Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Wonderland Week #1

Life's Journey with a Smile

Positive Picture:
Yes that is my face over Kelly Osbourne's on Shape December cover.
Question #1: What are your ten goals for WWW Challenge?
1. Run 5K on February 12th as planned.
2. Lose 30lbs.
3. Stop all UN-necessary spending starting Jan 3rd. (aka spending fast)
4. Continue spending fas for a ONE full year.
5. Save $250 by end of challenge.
6. Pay down debt. (find a job)
7. STOP drinking ALL caffeinated beverages.
8. Use Bikram Yoga Groupon by March 10th.(thats when it expires)
9. Learn to cook vegetables more ways.
10. Workout consecutively for 6 days. (have not done this since highschool 5.5 years ago)

   Question #2: Why did you choose them?
I chose the weight loss and exercise goals to keep myself motivated to get healthy before I end up with diabetes or some other major health problem. 
I chose the money ones because we have been struggling to save and pay down debt for a few years.
The Bikram yoga one is because I purchased the 10 class groupon almost a year ago. And I really want to try it. I have heard its amazing.
 The caffeinated beverages is because I have been trying to get away from Dr. Pepper for years.

   Question #3: Are you making a New Year's Resolution beyond the WWW challenge?
Yes. Our spending fast is intended for the entire year. My weight loss goals and exercise goals are a constant life change for me.

Question #4: What does this challenge mean to you?
Accountability. Support. Fun. Encouragement.

Question #5: What did you do when the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve?
Watched my neighbors set off fireworks illegally out my window. lol it was pretty cool.

This seems like a such an awesome challenge so far!! Looking forward to the coming weeks!


  1. Good luck with your 5k. I ran my first in September!!

    It's on my list to give up soda too!

  2. I bought that Shape magazine - I honestly couldn't believe how amazing she looked!! It's such an inspiration even though she had trainers and probably chefs!!
    BEst of luck on all your goals :)

  3. Yes she looks amazing!!! And I'm 5 foot 4 inches shes 5 foot 2 inches so that body type is attainable for me. And i love that she talked about intentionally wearing makeup to the gym because I do that sometimes when I don't feel like going. It looks better in the mirror and I WANT to better myself when I look pretty! It has definetly been a motivator for me. I have that picture on here, facebook, my bulletin board and on my phone. I pretty much see it everywhere I look. Thank you for the luck!