Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random Thursday Post!

Hello all,
All is well here with me. I am at school on the computer because we have been having internet connection problems at home. Should be resolved by next Tuesday at the latest. So I am wearing those shorts that I got the other day. They are comfy and I am comfortable wearing them. I will say this though, I NEED A DANG TAN!! My legs are so white I'm afraid I'm going to blind someone with them. I also would like my legs to be less jiggly lol. I am going to be super busy this weekend coming up with a new plan of action for weight loss for me. I will be doing my official weigh in tomorrow morning. I will post Monday what my new plan is, along with my official weigh in and measurements. It will have a lot of at home workouts involved because hubby and me are down to one car so no trips to the gym for me. I will be making healthy food menus for the month probably 2 weeks at a time. I will be posting my menus up on here. I am going to have my husband take progress pictures and measurements every month. After 3 months of consistency I will post the pictures up on here. I don't want to post the "before" pics now and then not have any change in the progress pictures. I want the pictures to show a change! I am excited for this new plan that I am going to be creating. 

Also, this weekend, we will be putting together the new dog kennel thing that my mom bought. It is a 10x10x10 chain link "kennel" for the back yard so the doggies can have somewhere to be outside while we are gone, without tearing up our fence and getting out. I am hoping that this weekend will be a very productive and active weekend. I would like to see my husband and I take our son on a couple walks with the wagon this weekend and maybe I'll get a workout in. All I know is that when Monday rolls around I want there to be a new, more organized, more determined, more DISCIPLINED version of ME getting out of that bed. I want to wake up early and get the workout in before my son even wakes up. That way the day doesn't have a chance to get away from me, before I have the chance to take on the day. My 24th birthday is April 30th and I intend to be "under construction" heading towards a healthier happier ME! 
Even if you only have 2lbs to lose or 400lbs to lose you can do it and you will be better off for it!
With this amazing weather we are having here there is no reason for us to stay cooped up inside watching movies, I want to be outside in the fresh air enjoying myself getting some much needed sunshine! Here's to a busy active weekend!!! 

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