Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hello everybody! I know it has been a while since I have posted. The whole idea of using Spring Break as a reset week for my weight loss journey has been a fail. School starts back up on Tuesday for me. I am hoping to be able to get in gear next week. My spring break has been odd. I have been cleaning my house like no tomorrow!!! I can only assume that sub consciously my husband and I are preparing to move in June. Now I know that seems like a long way away to be preparing now, but if you could see my house you would know that we need to start sorting things and getting rid of stuff now so that we will not have so much stuff to deal with when it is time to start packing.
We are getting our first apartment!!!! We have been married almost 4 years and we have been living with my mom for all of that time. I can not wait to have my own place to make my own. I am very excited yet also doing all this with trepidation. It's exhilarating to be going out on our own for the first time EVER! Tuesday my spring break took a weird turn when I got a call from my husband telling me that he had been in a wreck on his way home. He is fine, no injuries or anything. Our car however...
photo.JPG toast.
Thank God we have two cars and rental coverage. We have the rental until Monday and then we are officially a ONE car family until we choose other wise. Once we move it will become much easier to be a one car family. We are moving to the same complex that  friends of ours live in. My husband works with her husband so they can car pull leaving me with our PT Cruiser. We see this car accident as a blessing because our car insurance and GAP insurance will more than likely get us out from underneath the loan that we have for it with the bank, thus creating more of savings each month. 
My spring break has been exciting, laid back and relaxing on a majority basis. I did get my hair cut on Thursday to look like this

My hair is no where near that long but it's getting there. I have all the layers though so that it can just grow out into this style. My hair dresser will be fixing my color since I have been doing it at home from a box for about a year. Now that I will be going more ofter to her she is going to fix the red for my so that it will look more natural.  I have decided against the perm since it would probably just dry my hair out even more than it is already. I will just have to curl it with the curling iron when I want it curly, unless y'all have other suggestions on how to get curly hair?
Onto the name of this post SHORTS!!!! I bought my first pair of denim shorts in years yesterday!!! They are from Lane Bryant and I love them. I do not want to be stuck in jeans for a whole HOTT summer again!!! I will wear these shorts and my Capri's at every opportunity that I have. Wearing these things will hopefully continue to push me to work on my weight loss and fitness goals, since I will be showing more skin than I am used to. I have not worn a pair of shorts, in public, since I was probably 14!!! So almost 10 years. 
I am excited!!!! And I don't have a picture of it but I hung my new and first bikini top on a nail in my room so that every morning when I wake up it will remind me that it is the goal for this summer. 
So plan for this week is to get caught up on school work after our refresher class from spring break.
Workout wise is to get in at least 4 workouts this week. I am doing pretty good on my water intake and I am loving what it is doing for me. I love the way I feel when I am drinking my water. 
Yes this is a long post but I am happy I wrote it and I thank each one of you who reads it to the end!
Sincerely and respectfully grateful for my growing support system,

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  1. New follower along with Mike from starting at 500 pounds. Congratulations. Wear those shorts girl!!! ~Karlie