Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WWW Wrap Up!

Hello all,
I am wrapping up how I did on the Winter Wonderland Warriors Challenge:

1. Run 5K on February 12th as planned. Failed. I did not succeed at training for this 5K or any other 5K during this challenge.
2. Lose 30lbs. Fail. I was in a weird funk all winter and I am so glad spring is here. During winter I did not get outside much. Already this spring we have been aching to get out in the sun and enjoy the warm weather, which is something that has NEVER happened before!
3. Stop all UN-necessary spending starting Jan 3rd. (aka spending fast). Um so did not happen. I will never make a goal like this again.
4. Continue spending fast for a ONE full year. I don't think I'll ever accomplish not spending "extra" money for an entire year.
5. Save $250 by end of challenge. We had it saved a couple times but then emergencies would come up.
6. Pay down debt. (find a job) Done-ish. We did pay off $2140+ in debt but I did not find a job and now I won't be finding one since we only have one car.
7. STOP drinking ALL caffeinated beverages. I'm drinking a Dr. Pepper right now so nope this didn't happen either.
8. Use Bikram Yoga Groupon by March 10th.(that's when it expires) DONE. I used my groupon and went to 4 of the 10 classes I had purchased. I enjoyed it however, I think I will enjoy it more at a much smaller size.
9. Learn to cook vegetables more ways. Learned one or two new ways, definitely not enough to count this as complete.
10. Workout consecutively for 6 days. (have not done this since high school 5.5 years ago. Nope. I had a serious lack of motivation this winter. Even with my inspiration board with the Shape magazine pictures of Kelly Osbourne with my face over hers, I didn't find the kick in the butt I needed to get going. Really hoping the warmer weather will help with that.
I really did enjoy this challenge. I know I did not succeed very well at my goals, but I learned about myself. I need a plan and one that I can stick with. I learned that the "gym" needs to be a back up plan for bad weather or other circumstances. I learned that I enjoy walking our dogs and taking our son out in the stroller or letting him play at a playground and chasing him. I like orange juice, who knew??? And I also learned that sleep is a very important part of weight loss and just better for me in general. I am slowly but surely getting used to the idea that I could very well become one of those people that goes to bed by 10 and no later and gets up before the sun to get in my workout. I really learned that I need discipline and a structured plan. I need to write every thing down. What I plan to do to workout every week and what I plan to eat everyday and then I need to write down what I actually do and eat on  a daily basis. I think I have learned more about my self over the length of the this challenge than I have ever learned about myself at any other time of my life. 

I am super excited about the Spring Fever Challenge!!! I am looking forward to less goals so that I can focus on the really important ones that I want to accomplish. 
And about that new plan that I created, I am very happy with what I have come up with!!! YAY! More on that later. 
Well that is all for now,



  1. Looks like you had a fun time in this challenge even though you may not have accomplished everything you wanted to. Where is this Spring Fever Challenge? I want in!

  2. The Spring Fever Challenge is at:
    copy and paste and go and it will tell you everything you need to know.
    And yes I had a blast. Learned a lot about ME.