Friday, October 8, 2010

Bad Weigh In

At a +3lbs for this weeks weigh in. :( So i was just thinking that if i lost 2lbs last week and gained 3lbs this week, that technically means only a gain of 1lb. So I'm not feeling as bad about it now as I was this morning. However I feel like crap for *binging* on McDonald's for dinner! I mean seriously it didn't even taste that good and I just kept eating it! I couldn't stop. So now I'm watching "Super Size Me" a film by Morgan Spurlock. I'm hoping it will cause me to stay away from McDonald's as much as possible.
Must work on what I eat.
Going to my brothers wedding this weekend! Very excited about the wedding not very happy that I did not lose the 25lbs that I wanted to by this event. However, life goes on, and I will push on and keep trying. I need to change my nutrition. I need to add a lot more of fruits and vegetables. I need to kick cheese and red meat out almost 100%. I will attempt to cut white breads and pastas out of my diet again. Not forever just for a month to start. I MUST CHANGE MYSELF to give my son a healthy outlook on food and a healthy happy life and the hope that he will never have to deal with being overweight. I never want my son to have to deal with the emotional aspects of being overweight or having to overcome his habits (influenced by me) as an adult. I also do not want him to have to deal with the teasing that I had to deal with in school.
Tomorrow is a new day, I will make healthier choices. Tomorrow will be a better day!
I will be posting again on Sunday to talk about how I liked Zumba and too post my planned workout schedule for next week.

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