Sunday, October 10, 2010

Really LLLOOONNNGGG update!

I apologize in advance for the length of this post, it is long!!!
I tried out Zumba last week. It is so much fun. I was lost at first but I caught on pretty quickly. It was definitely a workout for me considering how sedentary my life is. Wednesday when I went for Zumba class in the evening there were no Zumba instructors available. The substitute instructor was the Cardio Variety class teacher. Oh my goodness that was such a workout! I was almost crying halfway through. I was ready to give up but then I looked in the mirror...and what I saw looking back at me was a girl who had given up so many times before and I knew that if I walked out of that class it would mean another 3, 6, 9 months or a year before I picked up this journey again.
I STAYED!!! That is such a hurdle for me to have overcome. Finally realizing that I deserve to be healthy and fit and live a long happy life is so wonderful. I am worth it!!!
I did not make it to the gym on Tuesday. I just didn't go. However after my realization on Wednesday I think I will be more determined to make it to the gym or find a way to exercise at home EVERY day.
A special thank you shout out the Beth, the instructor, of the cardio variety class for making me feel comfortable in your class.
I binged on Friday...UGH! And I didn't work out on Thursday or Friday! Darn. I really wish I had more discipline.
My brothers wedding was beautiful on Saturday. We had a blast!!! I did pretty good on eating over the weekend. We danced a lot at the reception so I got in some cardio. I am so happy for Jason and Erin!!!
Now onto this weeks plan:

Monday: Zumba and ABS

Tuesday: Upper body strength training

Wednesday: Zumba and ABS

Thursday: Lower body strength training

Friday: Zumba and ABS

Saturday: Upper body strength training

Sunday: Rest Day.
Along with this workout plan I am going to begin the diet I did for my wedding back in 2007. I will be cutting out all soda, white bread and pastas, and sweets. When I did this the last time I lost 45lbs and 5 dress sizes in 2 months. The longest I will do this diet is 3 months. After 3 months I will allow myself these foods again in a healthy moderate ways.
I am very excited and hoping to see a loss on the scale at the end of this week!

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