Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bonus Challenge for 15 in 15!!!!!

I am posting my planned workouts for this upcoming week. I am very excited to have this written down!!!! This is the first time in a LLLOOOOOONNNGGG time that I have actually written out what I plan to do as far as exercise. This is tentative because I am trying some classes at my gym for the first time, if i don't like a class I will substitute something else for that day!!! Anyway here goes:

Monday--Zumba Class 1hr. and Abs

Tuesday--Boot Camp Class 1hr.

Wednesday--Zumba Class 1hr. and Abs

Thursday--Cycle Class 45min. and 15min ABS class(really interested in this class)

Friday--Boot Camp Class 1hr. or Zumba Class 1hr. and Abs

Saturday--Kickboxing 1hr (may not happen, my brothers wedding is this saturday)

Sunday--Rest Day

I am so excited for this week. I will update as much as possible this week to let you know how it's going for me and if I like the classes. From what I've heard about Zumba I will love it. And I know I will like the Boot Camp classes, I have always loved these type of classes or workshops!
I am worried about the Cycling Class, I have never tried it and am not a fan of cycling.