Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hubby Challenged Me!!!

My hubby and I have been talking about getting me a MYTRAK device the past week or so. Today we finally finished the conversation and he has issued a challenge that comes with a reward!
The challenge is one full month of activity with out the device and the reward is that if I do really good for a whole month than I can purchase the Mytrak device. The one month challenge starts May 23rd and goes through June 22nd. I am excited and I really want that Mytrak device! 
Wish me luck! 
And on another note, I will be ordering my new running shoes this coming Thursday! Once I have the proper shoes with good support I will be able to really get going on Couch to 5K! Also, I will be registering for the San Antonio Rock n' Roll Half Marathon that is in November! I am excited for that!!! We are still planning/saving for our vacation! I can't wait until July 14th! First vacation since our honeymoon almost 4 years ago! And bonus our Anniversary is July 7th so we will be celebrating during our vacation! Got a lovely tip from a family member yesterday, if you see the small fish jumping out of the water, there is a reason they are doing that...stay away from where they are! 
I have found my motivation again...FINALLY! Saturday we spent the day in Fredicksburg for my Daddy and my Uncle's (identical twins) birthday party! The party was at their gun club's shooting range...outside in May in TEXAS! It was hot and I was in jeans, tennis shoes, and a blouse. I was very uncomfortable, sweaty and just plain mad at myself for not being in a better place by now! I found myself not wanting my picture taken and that is not normal! I usually love being in pictures with my size has officially become uncomfortable to myself! I don't feel good in this plus size body anymore and even more so I felt like the biggest woman there. That is the first time/event that I have ever actually looked around to see if there was anyone bigger than me. I don't like this feeling and I want to be rid of it! The next time that someone has an event up there outside in the summer, I want to be able to wear shorts and a cute top and not feel self conscious about my size! I want to be able to talk to people and not have to wonder if they see the sweat on my forehead or under my arms! 
So here's to starting anew and getting it right this time(hopefully)!


  1. Whoop! Well done! I seem to have found my groove again too so see you when we're skinny!

  2. Ok so I am pretty up on odd advice and all but the only reason I can think the fish jumping out of the water is a shark maybe? Is that it or is it something cooler like the doorway to Atlantis just opened and weirded the fishes out?

  3. Wendy, Yes, he was saying that the fish were jumping out of the water because something bigger is near... possibly a shark.