Friday, May 13, 2011

Wow! Blogger fail yesterday.

So I see everybody has recovered from whatever Blogger snafu happened yesterday! I was going nuts not being able to read unless I used Reader which was annoying and I now know I don't like Reader. Anyway, we have a busy weekend ahead:
-Put together 8' by 10' dog "cage"(kennel) thing.
-Emma's 2nd bday party at four.
-Lots of cleaning and getting organized.

-Continuing Cleaning/organizing
-Visit with Steven's Aunt Clare in the afternoon (going to the park for exercise with the little one)
-Get ready for week 
-Go to bed early(by 10pm) dear God let it happen. 

So may not seem so busy to some people but for us this is pretty jam
I'm looking forward to it all except maybe the dog cage/kennel thing. Let ya'll know how that goes  tomorrow. Super excited to see what all this healthy eating has done for me on Sunday's weigh in. I have had salad 3 times this week...yeah I'm just as surprised as ya'll are! 
Oh and now we have a super AWESOME motivator to save money like no tomorrow...
Yippee!!! We are at least 8 months from actually buying but it sure is nice to be starting. 
Water is my best friend/nemesis right now. I love drinking it but dang it once I get behind it's really hard to catch up. 
Wish i was as excited about exercising as I am about the house!!! 
Anybody got any tips, encouragement or kicks in the booty for me???


  1. This seems to be a busy time of the year. We have lots to get caught up on, as well. Our very late spring did not help. You asked for some tips. I have found that staying on program has been so much easier since I got a Bodymedia device. It keeps me at or below my calorie goals and tells me if I have burned enough calories for the day. If I haven't, I get on the treadmill. I haven't been this motivated for years. I think I'm doing better because I finally have an accounting of what I'm doing. No fudging or guesswork. It has helped!

  2. Tips on the water, I use to struggle at first consuming my water. When I first started tracking it, I was only taking in 32 oz of water a day. Then I would start giving myself a challenge every week to up that amount by 8 oz. Now I drink 64 oz without a problem. I keep my water bottle by me at all times and always remind myself to take a sip, I've been up an hour and already have 20 oz down. It starts to become a habit really.

  3. "Anybody got any tips, encouragement or kicks in the booty for me???"

    Just do it. You CAN do it. It's not as difficult as it actually seems. The biggest kick in the booty I can give you is that if you don't get healthy could die a lot sooner than you want to. I know that sounds morbid and makes me sound like an asshole,'s the honest truth. I also see a little person in the background of one of your pics. Do it for that littler person! He/She is going to need you around as long as possible! ;) I think of that every, single day and it keeps my fat butt moving.

    I KNOW you can get healthy. I KNOW YOU CAN! Let's do it! Let's all do it together!!!!

  4. @Chubby McGee: Thank you! That is my son in the picture and yes everything I do to get healthy is for him and any future siblings of his. Although a little morbid but its the truth and does not make you sound like an a**hole at least not to me. I know I can too... I've done it before for my wedding and that was great! I need to "JUST DO IT"
    thanks for the encouraging words!