Monday, July 25, 2011

Beat the Heat Summer Challenge Week Four!

Beat the Heat Challenge Week 4

Weight Wars

I don't have a picture this week. So sorry.

1. What have you done this week towards your goals?
Honestly, I haven't really done anything this week. I have been resting and re-cooperating from our vacation. Also, I have been re-hydrating and re-balancing my diet. We have both been getting back into our routines. Hubby was off from work for two weeks so we are both having some re-adjusting pains from his first week back to work.

2. What did you do to make yourself feel fabulous?
Slept... a lot!

3. Do you exercise? What is your favorite and why?
Let's see how should I answer this question....
I often intend to exercise more than I actually do exercise. I really need to get a routine down that works for me. When I do exercise, Cardio is my favorite or some type of boot camp class that incorporates cardio and strength training together.

4. BTH Bloggers, who do you love?
Mary @ a small loss. I found Mary's blog during the first challenge that Amy held in the winter. I love Mary's story and seeing what she has accomplished. Mary gives me hope that I can succeed at weight loss and make a better future for myself and my family.

5. What song makes you want to dance right now?
J.Lo "On the Floor" Britney Spears "Til the World Ends" and Zac Brown Band "Knee Deep" All really good songs and there are so many more I could list.
Here's to hoping I can find a routine soon!!!


  1. Hope you had a fantabulous vacation!!

  2. It is so hard to stay on track in the summer! Between vacations, and all the yummy summer treats... hope you had a great vacation!